Anti back staining of denim garment

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White Polyester Polymer Powder , Enzymes In Textiles Super Efficient

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Innovative Denim Fabrics and Its Ecofriendly Washing Using Enzymes

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In garments washing bath, we have to use this for much color and cleaning. Persuasion of washing chemicals 2. Its participle is reddish. Enzymatic anti-back staining agent-protease: The use of an engineered oxidative stable alkaline protease that can tolerate a range of operating temperature and pH conditions offers flexible and alternative processes for back staining clean-up, improved contrast of denim finishes, and reduced residual cellulase of fabric.

Dec 23,  · The dye removed from denim material after the treatment with cellulose or by a conventional washing process may cause “back staining or “redeposition. Re-coloration of blue threads and blue coloration of white threads, resulting in less contrast between blue and white threads.

anti-back staining agents DISPERSANT is a dispersing agent for treating denim and prevention of indigo back staining on drum-type washing machines.

Excellent reduction of soiling of white cotton weft and the pocket linings of indigo dyed jeans. Find here Anti Back Staining suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with Anti Back Staining prices for buying.

IndiaMART An additive for anti back staining in desizing and garment process in powder form. more. Fineotex Chemical Limited Concentrated effective anti-back staining agent for denim in powder formNc Disp liq. Introduction The basic problem in enzymatic washing of denim is back- staining of detached indigo dyes on fabric surface.

Hence, it reduces the contrast effect/fading effect, which garment washer want to produce on denim.

Anti Back Staining

Company Description Americos is an innovative company developing high quality textile and garment specialty chemicals, finishing chemicals, auxiliaries, smart colorants, dyestuffs, and enzymes for textiles, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Anti back staining of denim garment
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