Corruption in india why one lokpal

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Welcome to Insights IAS Revision Plan for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – If you are wondering why these questions are posted, please refer to the detailed Timetable provided HERE. These questions serve TWO purposes: One to test your revision skills; Second is to give you a glimpse into topics that you might have missed.

Article 12 has defined "State" to include the Government and Parliament of India, and the Government and Legislature of the States, and all local or other authorities within the territory of India or under the control of the Government of India. I am a clerk in a Central Govt.

office for the last 30 years. I too was a strong IAS-aspirant till I crossed the age limit. After going through randomly all the views published, I would like to express that one should enjoy the job he or she gets without any influence or bribe in the life. Indian activists decry police arrests and searches after caste riots (Aug 28,Washington Post) Police in India arrested prominent activists and writers and searched their homes Tuesday, alleging that they had incited a riot.

Why I Criticize Hinduism The Most

Why has it failed? In my opinion, one of the culprits, relevant in the context of this post and Guru Purnima, is the belief that Gurus and elders should be respected, never questioned and obeyed faithfully – because they know best!

Why do you criticize Hinduism more than any other religion? This is a question often posed to us – the rationalists, secularists and atheists in India- by the proponents of Hindutwa?

The first time I heard this question it was not from a hardcore Hindutwa proponent, but a medical doctor in Kerala.

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