Coursera songwriting assignment 2

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Assignment 2 in “Functional Programming Principles in Scala” from Coursera

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Otherwise we may have to describe to non-optimal solutions. Week 2 and 3 assignments are done. Good results on the Week 2 assignment.

Useful and encouraging comments. Week 3 is on a bit shakier ground for me. Coursera – Gamification: Assignment #2 Publicado em 1 fevereiro, 17 novembro, por Eduardo "rurounikz" Emmerich Disclaimer: I only made this post in order to share and discuss what was my solution for a problem on a course I took part in.

Feb 12,  · Hi guys! this is my assignment for week 2 of the songwriting course in coursera. this is a part of a song, which i use to demonstrate as an example of an un.

Repository for Programming Assignment 2 for R Programming on Coursera.

Coursera ML Assignment 1 Part 1

Introduction. This second programming assignment will require you to write an R function that is able to cache potentially time-consuming computations. Coursera was a lot of fun.

I did quite well in terms of marks. But more importantly, I got a lot out of it. Good results on the Week 2 assignment. Useful and encouraging comments. Week 3 is on a bit shakier ground for me.

Today is July 19 and it’s the first day of the Pat Pattison Coursera course on songwriting. I got the. The course culminates with an assignment that asks you to compose and perform a riff blues tune using the minor pentatonic scale.

Above all, the course is designed to share the joy of creating music and sharing it with others.

Coursera songwriting assignment 2
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