Disadvantage of merit based pay

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The Disadvantages of Incentive-Based Pay

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Negative Effects of Merit Pay

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Teacher Compensation: Fact vs. Fiction

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The Pros and Cons of Merit Based Pay for Teachers

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want to add something to your answer on Venkat question: even though we pay $ in both cases, it’s not the same thing. because we pay $ in only 2 days and there is a link between cost and schedule.

An obvious disadvantage to incentive-based pay and one that resonates through other disadvantages is that there's too much focus on financial reward and not enough focus on other aspects of work.

Too much focusing on financial reward can overshadow the developmental needs of an employee. Merit pay, unlike profit sharing or similar bonus pay schemes, allows an employer to differentiate between the performance of the company as a whole and the performance and contributions of an individual.

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Disadvantage of merit based pay
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