Fooled into collectivism

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Agenda 21 – How Would You Like to be Forced into a Human Habitat?

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The Silver Bear Cafe keeps its subscribers informed on issues that adversely affect the conservation of capital and strategies to preserve and increase ones financial security. Agenda 21 is a global communism blueprint, tying together many aspects of the NWO: depopulation, smart meters, surveillance, transhumanism and microchipping.

What possible reason may have fooled the European Council into believing in free and fair elections in Azerbaijan when suppression was so obvious? “Kaviar-dimoplacy”, speculates Mammad.

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It cannot be said for sure, but Azerbaijan is an oil-rich country and European corporations, such as Stratoil, Total, and BP, have important business. The proposed system would have the benefit of allowing labor to flow into those parts of the countries where it is needed and kept away from parts without a labor shortage or that don’t desire immigrants, as well as allowing for states to implement their own policies concerning welfare eligibility.

Apr 09,  · Thank God There's More To Life Than This! *Read GenesisEzekiel /Psalm 83, Ecclesiastes andJude, Revelation Thank God there is more to life than this! When humanity fell it meant that humans from that point on would die.

The promise of death by God was true, but Satan twisted the.

An Azerbaijani Story: Activists Left Out In The Cold Fooled into collectivism
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