Gay genetics

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Cross-Cultural Evidence for the Genetics of Homosexuality

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The latest 'gay gene' study gives no comfort to homophobes

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'Gay genes': science is on the right track, we're born this way. Let’s deal with it.

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Fulfill Discussion - Born that way:. Scientists presenting at the meeting of the American Society of Genetics announced the discovery of a gene-based algorithm that could predict male homosexuality with 70 percent accuracy.


'Gay genes': science is on the right track, we're born this way. Let’s deal with it.

This is similar to findings originally published in the s, which, at that time, gave rise to the idea that a “gay gene” must exist. But this argument has never been substantiated, despite. A recent article argued that sexuality is down to choice, not genetics. But the scientific evidence says otherwise, and points to a strong biological origin.

In this research turned to genetics, While gay gene arguments may seem like a way to push the rights agenda forward it can actually have the opposite effect — limiting the debate solely.

Is There a 'Gay Gene'?

Cross-Cultural Evidence for the Genetics of Homosexuality. they would be considered gay men and transgender women, respectively. studies in molecular genetics have shown that Xq The claim that homosexual men share a “gay gene” created a furor in the s.

But new research two decades on supports this claim – and adds another candidate gene. To an evolutionary.

Gay genetics
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Is There a 'Gay Gene'?