Innovation in information technology

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Information Technology

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Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation

Spending time in big ideas. The purpose of the website is to provide information regarding the Superfund program for communities, cleanup professionals, and concerned citizens.

The Innovation Union is one of the 7 flagship initiatives of the Europe strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Abraham Natukunda is Founder and Managing Director of Inter Connect Point Ltd, a technology start-up based in Rwanda.


His background is in mobile money and systems administration, and more recently he graduated from Carnegie Mellon University Africa with an MSc in Information Technology.

Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal. ANNUAL OUTSOURCING CONFERENCE Meeting the Innovation and Digitalization in the Outsourcing Business. June 8th, / Varna, Golden Sands.

The information revolution has made for a radically more fluid knowledge environment, and the growth of venture capital has created inexorable pressure towards fast commercialisation of existing technologies Companies that don't use the technologies they develop are likely to lose them.

Innovation in information technology
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