Las vegas augmented product level

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CES | Las Vegas, NV | January 5-9, 2016

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Image Metrics is a world leader in facial analysis and detection software. Through our patented algorithms, we create custom augmented reality platforms for the world’s most innovative brands.

Epicor to Demonstrate Augmented Reality eCatalog at Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo in Las Vegas 'Catalog of the Future' enables users to perform inspections, visualize parts, and labor. DISCUSS THESE QUESTIONS IN TERM OF THE CORE BENEFIT, ACTUAL PRODUCT, AND AUGMENTED PRODUCT LEVELS!


CES Las Vegas. 4 January Las Level 1, Hall G). GlassUp will showcase its brand new product, UNO, which is landing the market this Spring, but will also rock an early version of its latest creation, F4, specifically designed for industrial use, which will also be ready for the B2B market in Download the Entire List!

Outdoor Adventuring. Red Rock Canyon – The one thing we can say in Vegas is that we’ve got one heck of a back yard. Off of the Beltway and Charleston Blvd., our top favorite local weekend destination is 25 minutes from the Resort Corridor and just 15 minutes from Summerlin.

I am so excited about my lecture on augmented reality (AR) at EventTech in Las Vegas. While preparing, I found some data on AR, which provided some great info, but I wanted to take that a bit further, and analyze the ‘so what’.

Las vegas augmented product level
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