Regwrite autoit error

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Run RegEdit and RegWrite both not working?

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Autoit Help Manual. Examples of the AutoIt scripts. Contribute to ellysh/autoit-examples development by creating an account on GitHub. I wrote a AutoIt program that use RegWrite to add several registry value. I tested it as 'Domain Admins' and it fail to write, I runned it as local 'Administrator' and the values where changed.

I. Init public void Init() Documentation for: Init Resets AutoIt to defaults (window delays, key delays, etc.). This function is called automatically when the DLL is loaded.

Simple things you can do with the ShellExecuteEx function

The AutoIt Shutdown function can be used to control the state of the computer, for example to put the computer into sleep or it also allows to logoff, to restart the computer, and to shutdown Windows. The Power Down option is used to physically turn off the computer, after shutting down, (given that the hardware supports it).

It however seems that Power Down does the same as. Dec 04,  · How do you Thread, Reading registry in AutoIT in Technical; Hi Folks, I'm using AutoIT to parse some registry information into a text file.

Regwrite autoit error
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